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AutoFEM Static Analysis 1.0

AutoFEM Static AnalysisAutoFEM Static Analysis provides the...

AutoFEM Static AnalysisAutoFEM Static Analysis provides the calculation of the stress state of the structures under the forces which are constant in time.

To date probably this is the most requested task in the design. By using the module ;Static analysis; an engineer can evaluate the allowable stresses in design which is developed, determine the most weaknesses in the design and make the necessary changes (optimize) the product.

Static analysis also allows: take into account the geometric nonlinearity; determine the stress-strain state of the effects of temperature perform calculations of contact problems; As the external loads on the structure can be applied force, pressure, rotation, acceleration, bearing load, hydrostatic pressure, torque, temperature.

As the fixing can be used complete restriction of movement, as well as the partial restriction of the axes (in Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems).

Settings window parameters calculation of static analysisIf it is assumed that under the applied loads in the details will be significant displacement, it should be a static analysis taking into account large displacements.

To solve these problems non-linear solver organizes the process of incremental step loading and provides the solution of the linearized system of equations at each loading step.

Settings window parameters of non-linearity. In addition there is the possibility of calculating the stress state structures induced by thermal stress (problem of thermoelasticity).

The temperature can be attached directly to the design or can be used the results of thermal calculation. Settings window parameters calculation of thermoelasticity problem.

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AutoFEM Static Analysis


AutoFEM Static Analysis 1.0